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Bibliophilic Excursions Signature Journey

Would you like to take a wondrous, hassle-free vacation each and every month? If so, then the Bibliophilic Excursions Signature Journey Monthly Subscription Box is for you. We include two books set in the destination country-one fiction and one nonfiction. We also include goods made in the destination country to create an all-encompassing reading experience that awakens each of the 5 senses. Examples include: pasta from Italy, hand-woven baskets from Kenya, Parisian jam and crepes, and Japanese Green Tea.

Women at Work

Think you could be doing better at your job? Don't worry! We're here to help. Each month, we'll send you an awesome book to help achieve better potential. Whether you need to ask for that raise, take on a stretch assignment or cope with toxic co-workers, we have a library specially curated for today's working woman. And because we know that you gotta have fun at work, we'll also send a sprinkling of fun and motivational office stuff.

Productivity Booster

Have you found yourself in a temporary rut or would you like to continuously sharpen your skills throughout the year? If so, this premium subscription is the toolkit you need to build a better future. Each box includes one popular self-improvement book, a companion text or workbook and some productivity goodies including the finest journals, writing utensils and motivational tools available.

Ladies at Lunch

Find your heroines and their harrowing adventures with our hand-picked collection of daring, enterprising, headstrong and courageous women. Each month, be introduced to a new laudable lady through a novel or biography. Is she a writer? A detective? A professor? A lawyer? Find out this month! Each box also includes empowering or relaxing additions. #GirlsWhoRunTheWorld

Moving Memoirs

There are a lot of people who inspire us. So, we've put together this Moving Memoirs collection to share their words of wisdom with you. Have you ever noticed how fun it is to people watch? Well, as you read these memoirs, you'll get to see a slice of someone else's life. We'll also add some items we think will really help you follow another's footsteps.

Children's Excursions

The Children's Excursions Subscription Box includes two thoughtfully selected children's books for a diverse world. Each month, your young scholar will be able to read a story that is reflective of our growing environment. We also include an art project or coloring book to keep your young creative engaged in learning.

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